NAPgA/The RustPack Team up for T-Shirts!

NAPgA recently paired up with The RustPack to create a North American Packgoat Association t-shirt design! Morgan Rust and his family are goat packers in Eden, Utah and he creates unique packgoat-inspired clothing designs. They will donate the proceeds of this design to NAPgA. It is available in both t shirts and sweatshirts including women’s and youth sizes. Stickers will also be available and we will continue to work on other designs and options in the future. Unfortunately there won’t be any on hand at rendy but orders can be purchased directly through the RustPack website:

NAPgA Fundraising Auction a Success!

Many thanks to the generous members who donated items for NAPgA’s recent online fundraising auction and to all the folks who purchased those items! The auction raised a record $6305.00! Most of this money will probably at some point be used to fight legal battles against packgoat bans and to fight the ongoing tide of misinformation about packgoat disease risk. Thanks again to everyone who participated!

Rendy ’21 in Stanley, ID!

Rendy 2021 has been announced for June 17-20 near Stanley, Idaho!

Our group campsite is located on NF-203 about 2.5 miles off Highway 21. We will be near Marsh Creek and Beaver Creek Trailheads as well as Lola and Beaver Creek campgrounds. There are plenty of opportunities for hiking and camping in the area in both the Frank Church and Sawtooths.

Read detailed directions here:

This is a primitive campsite and there are no hookups available but it is suitable for both tent and RV camping. Napga will be providing porta potties. Potable water is not available at the campsite but there will be a stream for watering animals and there is potable water available at the nearby public campgrounds.

This year because of Covid concerns there will be no potluck so we encourage members to plan all their meals, and we encourage you to have plans to pack out all personal trash. All classes will be held outdoors but there will be a main tent in case of poor weather. Find the complete Rendy schedule here:

We have supplied a map and a GPS location for the proposed campsite and will continue with more info as it becomes available.’01.7%22N+115%C2%B006’05.1%22W/@44.3504778,-115.1036097,827m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d44.3504741!4d-115.1014213

This event is open to the public but we encourage all participants to show support for the organizers by joining NAPgA.

NAPgA Online Fundraiser Auction is LIVE!!


Due to the overwhelming success of last year’s virtual auction, NAPgA has decided to go virtual again this year! Rather than hold a live auction at the Rendy, we believe we can include more participants by offering the fundraiser auction online, and if buyers and sellers wish they can use the Rendy as an exchange site for larger items. This will also make it easier to buy and sell goats since they could potentially be exchanged at the Rendy.

The auction runs from May 31st, 2021 at 6PM to June 9th, 2021 at 6PM MST.

NEW! NAPgA Registry and Hiking Log is LIVE!

NAPgA is rolling out a new goat registration and hike tracking system for members!  Here’s how to join us on the trail:

1. Go to “Your Goats” on the NAPgA website.  You will have to sign in to access the goats page.
2. Add your goats.  Each goat must be permanently identified by tattoo, microchip, or ear tag: This is necessary for tracking your goats throughout their lifetime.
3. Go to “Your Hikes” on the website, and add in your latest hike.  Goats can be entered by typing in their nicknames.

4. See what other members are doing!  The “Member Hikes” shows all the recently added hikes, and the “Top Goats” shows a list of the greatest hikers.
Take a few minutes to login and add your goats and your hikes this year to start tracking your miles!  Maybe your boys will be in the 1000-mile club by years-end!
If you have any trouble adding goats or hikes, please Contact Us!  We’ll be happy to help out!