2023 NAPgA Calendars are HERE!

The calendar photo contest was a huge success this year and the winners are in! We have a lovely calendar to show for your wonderful photographic efforts. These high quality calendars make wonderful Christmas gifts and will put a smile on your face all year long!


Shipping is included with each purchase.

Many thanks to all who submitted photos and to all who voted. As always, this is the BEST calendar yet!

Proposed Packgoat Ban!

The Washington State Department of Wildlife has proposed a packgoat ban in 12 wildlife areas it manages. These are public lands! If this proposed rule is adopted in Washington other states will follow! Click this link to download complete information and please submit a comment!

NAPgA Needs YOU!

The NAPgA Nomination Committee is currently seeking nominations for the Board of Directors. There are 3 positions open. You may nominate yourself or nominate someone else to serve in one of these positions. Nominations close November 29, 2022. A slate of candidates will be emailed to NAPgA members on December 1 for voting. Please contact Chris Gifford at cmgifford@frontier.com with nominations.

We have an exceptional group of members with a wide variety of interests, skills, training, experience, and talents. NAPgA’s Members are our greatest asset and we need you to help us tap into all of the benefits YOU can bring to the table to help our causes for the benefit packgoats and goat owners in general.

We are working on numerous exciting and critically important projects and we need your help. A few of the things in the works include:

1. A newly designed and improved website.

2. The citizen science urinary calculi research study.

3. The possibility of having an independent review of all relevant research regarding the risk of disease transmission between packgoats and wild bighorn sheep.

3. Responding to the banning of packgoats on twelve (12) Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife managed wildlife areas.

4. Continually monitoring and responding to United States Forest Service and other land management agency planning that include efforts to restrict or deny the use of packgoats on public land across the country.

5. Coordinating and planning special events such as our photo calendar contest, virtual fundraiser auction, the Rendezvous, a youth scholarship program, and many other things.

We need your help! Please, please, please, consider running for a position on NAPgA’s Board of Directors. If you aren’t quite ready to run, nominate someone who you think would be a good candidate. Finally, if you are interested in helping and volunteering to help promote and protect our ability to hike and pack with goats, please reach out to NAPgA and let us know. We would love to talk to you about how you can help our causes.

Nominations Committee Chair Chris Gifford:  cmgifford@frontier.com

Contact NAPgA: info@napga.org

2023 NAPgA Photo Contest

It’s time for the annual NAPgA calendar contest!
Your best photos have been submitted and it’s time to vote for our favorites!
– You may vote for up to 12 different photos.
– To vote, click on the photo and leave your name in the box below. You may also leave a comment, but your name is vital since it allows more than one person from the same household/membership to vote without appearing to stuff the ballot box. 😉
– Please vote for no more than ONE photo from each batch. This is a departure from past years in which you could vote for two photos from each member’s selection. However, we have so many submissions now that we want to encourage you to spread your votes out amongst all the entrants. This gives more people a chance to win a full calendar page!
– Polls close on Sunday evening, Oct. 23rd
Here is the link to the photo submissions:


You can also access the above link through the “Members Only” section of the NAPgA website.
Let the voting begin!

Packgoats in the Press!

We recently came across an article about packgoats on Yahoo! Jodie Gullickson has a packgoat guiding business near Carson, NV called High Sierra Packgoats. Follow the link below!