NAPgA Rendezvous in Island Park, ID a Success!

The 2018 Rendezvous at Island Park was very successful despite a bit of damp weather. The Board was grateful for some good tent cover during their meeting. The “Country Store” and Saturday night auction were a great success, with over $3000 generated!

Talks were very well-attended. Marc Warnke shared his wisdom and experience hunting with packgoats, and he and Matt Lyons showed off a variety of saddles they’ve used. 

Clay Zimmerman demonstrated proper saddling technique.

Nan Hassey gave a talk on proper saddle fit.

Marc Warnke demonstrated his new packsaddle design.

Dwite Sharp gave a very well-attended talk on goat nutrition and parasites.

This was probably the best-attended Rendy in NAPgA history. This event keeps growing every year, and it does not disappoint. One of the best aspects is the variety of wisdom and experience that comes together in one place for a weekend. There is also a great deal of fun and camaraderie. We’re already looking forward to Rendy 2019!

NAPgA Rendezvous 2018 – Island Park, ID

The 2018 Rendezvous is almost here! The schedule is lined up and we’ve got some great classes and events planned.

Please take a moment to review the “Rules of the Rendy”.

To get there: Go 5.8 miles north of Macks Inn, Idaho then 3.5 miles west off Highway 20 ( mile post 398 approx) on Red Rock road south of Henry’s Lake

Please remember to bring your donations for the fundraiser store/auction, and also be ready to purchase some cool goat stuff you might not find anywhere else!

If you can’t attend the Rendy this year but would still like to donate, please send your items to:

Kent Daniels
2330 East, 300 North
St. Anthony, ID 83445

CLICK HERE for more information!

Photos of the camping area can be viewed HERE!

Goats coming from out-of-state are required by state law to have health certificates. The address for the health certificates is:

3.5 miles west of 4771 North Hwy 20, Island Park ID 83429
On Forest Road 051 at the end

Watch out for Rendy 2018!

For those of you who have been inquiring, the 2018 NAPgA Rendezvous will be taking place in Island Park, ID From Thursday, June 21 – Sunday, June 24. We don’t have all the details in place yet, but it will be held in the same location as Rendy 2015.

Many thanks to Kent Daniels for putting this event together! We’ll add more details as we get a schedule ironed out.



NAPgA Rendezvous 2017 A Success!

Many thanks to all the wonderful folks who attended Rendy 2017 in Lake City, CO. You made this event work! We especially want to  thank all the generous folks who donated some really incredible items to the store/auction this year! It was amazing and the fundraiser was a huge success! Finally, special thank-you’s go out to Maggie Highland for coming so far to share about Bighorn disease research, to John Mionczynski for traveling down to share his wealth of wisdom and experience, to Edna Mason of the Lake City Forest Service for sharing her experiences working with Bighorns and domestic sheep grazing issues in the Lake City area,  and to Jim Lovelace and Elijah Waters of the Gunnison BLM office for allowing us to host this event in Lake City. A great time was had by all!

Grant Houston, editor of the Lake City Silver World newspaper was impressed with our group and did a nice write-up about it here:

If you have photos and/or videos of the Rendy that you would like to share, please use the “Contact Us” page to get in touch with Nan Hassey.

Here are a few  Rendy highlights:

Driving class with Nan and Phil Hassey

Conformation class with Carolyn Eddy

Work project on the Alpine Gulch Trail, including rerouting water, rebuilding trail with rock, and building bridges over the swollen creek.

Climb up Uncompahgre Peak, elevation 14,321 feet

How we all felt when we reached the top!

2017 NAPgA Rendezvous, Lake City, CO

Round up those goats and get ready for the 2017 NAPgA Rendezvous in fabulous Lake City, Colorado June 15 -18!
LakeCity.1We’ll camp at Pike Snowden Meadow about five miles west of Lake City on the Henson Creek Road. Click on the thumbnails below to see pictures of the camping area.


Activities include:
– Friday classes on a variety of packgoat subjects featuring speakers John Mionczynski, Clay Zimmerman, Carolyn Eddy, and Nan Hassey
– NAPgA fundraiser store
– Potluck and music at the campfire Friday and Saturday nights
– Saturday trail service project on Alpine Gulch Trail
– Saturday afternoon equipment “show and tell”
– Weather permitting, Sunday hike up Uncompahgre Peak
CLICK HERE for the complete schedule

9:22:16.1Campground features:
– Nearby creek access for goat water
– Plenty of tree shade
– 1-mile hike to Nellie Creek Falls
– Short drive to Lake City
– Two easy miles to work project trail

You MUST bring certified weed-free hay (The BLM will be checking!). If you need certified hay, please contact Nan Hassey. Hay will be $10/bale.
email: nanhassey @ yahoo dot com
phone: 719-489-2732 (no text!)

Health certificates are required for all out-of-state goats. In the destination field, have your vet write “Camping 5 miles up Henson Creek Road (C.R. 20) at Nellie Creek intersection.”

The BLM is allowing us to camp in this location on the condition that we will keep the camping area clean and keep our goats contained. Goats in camp will need to be corralled or tethered and any leftover hay and bedding must be picked up every day. Goats must be kept where they can’t damage trees.

You can view the “Rendy Rules” and “Things to Bring” here:
Rules of the Rendy
Things to Bring

The Rendy store is NAPgA’s biggest fundraiser of the year! If you wish to donate items, please CLICK HERE for more information. Remember to bring cash or check so you can take home some of these wonderful items!