Get out the VOTE!

The polls are OPEN! 

Once again, we have some INCREDIBLE photos submitted to this year’s calendar contest, and it’s time to vote for our favorites! The polls will be open until October 18th.

Photos can be viewed here:

Since we need 12 photos for our calendar, you can vote for up to 12 different pictures! Please spread out your votes! Pick no more than two photos from any one album.

If you have a personal Yahoo account: Vote by clicking the STAR next to your favorite photos (Fave).

If you DO NOT have a personal Yahoo!/Flickr account: Vote using the comment boxes under the photos. In order to comment you will need to sign in to the NAPgA account. Private Contact Us if you need the login info.

If you use the comment boxes, please type your name by your vote. This way we have a record if you accidentally vote for the same photo twice or cast more than 12 votes (it’s very easy to lose track of which photos and how many you vote for if you don’t sign your name!).

Hats off to all who submitted photos and to all who vote and buy calendars each year! If you have trouble using Flickr please contact us and we will help you out.

Annual NAPgA Calendar Photo Contest is ON!

The ever-popular annual NAPgA Calendar photo contest is back! Look through your photos and pick out five favorites. Your goat could be famous in 2021! 
Photo submissions will be taken through September 30th.

These are the rules:
-Participants must be current NAPgA members
-Participants must put their name in the photo’s description field or album cover.
-To qualify for a calendar page, photos MUST be in landscape orientation and high resolution. High resolution means at least 2500 x 1900 pixels.
If these qualifications are not met, your photo cannot be used for a main calendar page no matter how many votes it receives!

Here’s how to enter:

Go to NAPgA’s Flickr account:

Sign in to the NAPgAPhotos account. (Please contact us for the email/password as I cannot post it publicly here.)

If you have a personal Yahoo! account, you may have to log out of it in order to sign into the NAPgA account.

Flickr can be complicated to use, so please pay close attention to these instructions.

1. To upload photos, click the little cloud and arrow icon in the top right corner. Once your photos are on the page, click the blue “Upload” button in the top right corner.

2. You may upload up to five photos. Once your photos are uploaded, click the “Albums” link in the middle of the page. Click the “+ New Album” link found to the right of the existing albums.

3. A line of photos will appear along the bottom of the page. Drag your photos into your new album. Add your name to the album title so we know it’s yours.

4. Once your album is complete, click on each individual photo and add a title and description. In the description field please put the location of the photo, names of goats, people, photo credits, or other information you would like to include.

If you have any questions or trouble using the Flickr site, please contact us or email We are happy to help!

Let’s see some awesome packgoat photos!

Thanks to All

Many thanks to everyone who participated in our recent online fundraiser events. We had many generous items donated to the auction and buyers were equally generous with their bids. We also want to thank those who attended the livestream fiddle concert and made donations there. As sad as it was to have to cancel the Rendezvous this year, we are grateful that all of us can still be active and share camaraderie online. It’s hard not meeting in person, but what a wonderful age of technology we live in to be able to still join together over the internet! Thanks again to everyone who made these online events such a huge success! We look forward to the time when we can all see each other again in person, but in the meantime may we all spend time “social distancing” on the trails with our wonderful packgoats.

NAPgA Livestream Fiddle Concert

Join us for goat-tastic good times this afternoon at 5:00 pm MST when Phil Hassey will perform a fiddle concert live on YouTube to raise funds for NAPgA!

Phil has generously offered to match donations up to $500.00! Those wishing to contribute to this effort may use the donation page here:


We hope to see you there!

NAPgA Online Fundraiser Auction – Don’t Miss Out!

We can’t have a Rendezvous this year, but that doesn’t mean we have to miss out on all the great stuff to be found at the annual fundraiser auction! NAPgA has decided to hold an online auction and we hope to raise $1750 this year. We’ve had many wonderful donations from a variety of generous goatpacking folks. Hopefully you see something you like!…apga-12804

The auction runs from July 1 – 11. Don’t let these items slip away!