NEW! NAPgA Registry and Hiking Log is LIVE!

NAPgA is rolling out a new goat registration and hike tracking system for members!  Here’s how to join us on the trail:

1. Go to “Your Goats” on the NAPgA website.  You will have to sign in to access the goats page.
2. Add your goats.  Each goat must be permanently identified by tattoo, microchip, or ear tag: This is necessary for tracking your goats throughout their lifetime.
3. Go to “Your Hikes” on the website, and add in your latest hike.  Goats can be entered by typing in their nicknames.

4. See what other members are doing!  The “Member Hikes” shows all the recently added hikes, and the “Top Goats” shows a list of the greatest hikers.
Take a few minutes to login and add your goats and your hikes this year to start tracking your miles!  Maybe your boys will be in the 1000-mile club by years-end!
If you have any trouble adding goats or hikes, please Contact Us!  We’ll be happy to help out!