Podcast: M.ovi Discussion with Justin & Desarae Starck

In this podcast Justin & Desarae Starck go over the complex and controversial issue of Bighorn Sheep and mycoplasma ovipneumonia (M.ovi). This is a expression of their personal views and research and how they came to their decision regarding this complex issue. This is not an official NAPgA view, but is that of two members who extensively put time and research into the issue. Justin and Desarae want to present what they have researched, explain where you can find these documents, and allow you the opportunity to form your own conclusion.
At the end of the Podcast the Wyld Company out of Wyoming states they will be soon releasing some “packgoat gear” and have offered to donate 10% of the total sales to NAPgA! They will be sure to let all the North American Packgoat Association members know when they release the gear. We wish to thank the Wyld Company for their kind donation!
Here is the link to the podcast: EP 10 | ‘Pack Goats And Wild Sheep’ With Justin and Desarae Starck