NAPgA Rendezvous 2016, June 23-26 near Ukiah, OR

All the information you need is RIGHT HERE!

The Rendy site for NAPgA Rendy 2016 is 6.8 miles south of Ukiah, OR, on NF-052/County Rd 1475.

The road is in good condition, and the area level. It is OK for cars or RVs.

Google Maps Coordinates: 45.079792N, 111.893402W
This area is located (as the crow flies) 6 miles southsouthwest of Ukiah, OR, at 4450′.

If you have questions please contact Curtis King (Primary Event Organizer):

The following links contain all the information you need to know about the NAPgA Rendezvous:Hike_9:27:15.1

Please consider bringing items to donate to the Country Store. This is NAPgA’s biggest annual money maker. If you cannot attend but would like to help out, please send your donated items to Curtis King or Carolyn Eddy.


You must have a HEALTH CERTIFICATE from your veterinarian. The destination address for the certificate is:

Umatilla National Forest
Forest Service Office
401 Main St.
Ukiah OR,  97880

Also see:

IMPORTANT: This is a NAPgA sanctioned event and we are promoting responsible management practices. Therefore, we strongly encourage that goats coming to the Rendezvous be MOVI tested by a Vet at least once prior to coming. There is still time to do so. You will have an opportunity to have nasal swab #2 taken by Dr. Maggie Highland at the Rendezvous, “FREE OF CHARGE.” 

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Rendy!!





3 thoughts on “NAPgA Rendezvous 2016, June 23-26 near Ukiah, OR”

  1. Is registration requested\required for the Rendy? Is there an agenda available? What about food? Is there one potluck meal?

  2. Sorry it took me so long to see your comment! I usually get notifications about these things.

    You can register at the Rendy when you arrive. Usually there is a table set up near the entrance to the camping area. The agenda has been posted here:

    See the schedule for which meals are pot-luck style. The Saturday night potluck is the “big one” where you can bring a meal to share. The others are more “bring-your-own-to-the-campfire” type meals. Usually Clay Zimmerman will make pancakes for everyone Saturday morning for breakfast.

  3. I’m sorry that the info you have for the Antlers Inn is incorrect. I don’t know where you received it. We have 12 rooms and 3 of the 12 are bunk rooms, the rest are regular hotel rooms. The shower prices are also wrong. When I received a call I gave the correct info. Thank you
    Antlers Inn Manager. Chris Winnett 541-427-3492

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