2017 NAPgA Rendezvous, Lake City, CO

Round up those goats and get ready for the 2017 NAPgA Rendezvous in fabulous Lake City, Colorado June 15 -18!
LakeCity.1We’ll camp at Pike Snowden Meadow about five miles west of Lake City on the Henson Creek Road. Click on the thumbnails below to see pictures of the camping area.


Activities include:
– Trail service project on Alpine Gulch Trail
– Weather permitting, hike up Uncompahgre Peak
– Harness goat class by Nan Hassey
– Saturday potluck dinner
– NAPgA fundraiser store
– Potluck and music at the campfire9:22:16.1
– Featured speakers, including John Mionczynski!!!

Campground features:
– Nearby creek access for goat water
– Plenty of tree shade
– 1-mile hike to Nellie Creek Falls
– Short drive to Lake City
– Two easy miles to work project trail

You will need to bring certified weed-free hay. If you need certified hay, please contact Nan Hassey by June 1st.
email: nanhassey at yahoo dot com
phone: 719-489-2732 (no text!)

Health certificates are required for all out-of-state goats. In the destination field, have your vet write “Camping 5 miles up Henson Creek Road (C.R. 20) at Nellie Creek intersection.”

The BLM is allowing us to camp in this location on the condition that we will keep the camping area clean and keep our goats contained. Goats in camp will need to be corralled or tethered and any leftover hay and bedding must be picked up every day. Goats must be kept where they can’t damage trees.

Stay tuned for more details as the Rendezvous approaches!


8 thoughts on “2017 NAPgA Rendezvous, Lake City, CO”

  1. There is no cost to attend! Bring yourself, your family, your goats and just have fun! There will be a fundraiser auction but there’s no obligation to buy or donate (although it is always appreciated).

  2. Total newbie! In what ways do people contain their goats? Does anyone tent or does everyone use trailers with living quarters?



  3. Hello Vicki! Most people string high or low lines to tether their goats, and a few bring portable electric fences. Some people tent, some bring RV’s or horse trailers with living quarters, and some camp in their trucks.

  4. Is there a schedule for this even yet? We plan to attend but we are first time goat owners and packers! We want to be there for Johns speech but we can’t make Thursday we will probably there Friday!

  5. I do not have a schedule out yet. I probably will not put that together until April or even early May because I won’t have all the final speaking commitments in until then. However, John will for sure not be speaking until Friday or Saturday so no worries there. 😉

  6. I read in an old edition of Hobby Farms magazine that there was an eastern rendezvous that used to be held in Ohio. Is this group still active? We live in Alabama and would be interested in attending something closer to us. Thanks!

  7. Hello Lisa! I have not heard about an eastern Rendezvous in quite a few years. It’s not complicated, but it takes someone to head things up, get the ball rolling, etc. I’d love to see someone start up an eastern U.S. Rendy sometime!

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