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8:14:15.3Things are gearing up for the NAPgA Rendezvous June 23-26 near Ukiah, OR! If you would like to attend, please read here for more information. If you have good, useable items to donate to the fundraiser sale please remember to bring them! Also plan to buy! There are always some really cool things for sale that you won’t find anywhere else!

Please remember that if you are bringing goats to the Rendy from another state, you must get a health certificate from your veterinarian! The destination address for the certificate is:

Umatilla National Forest
Forest Service Office
401 Main St.
Ukiah OR,  97880

The Forest Service requires certified weed free hay. If you need some, please contact Curtis King no later than June 17th so he can pick it up for you. It will cost $13/bale.

If you can’t attend the Rendezvous but still wish to help out in some way, you can mail auction items to Curtis King or drop them off with Carolyn Eddy if you live near her.

If you are interested in hosting a Rendezvous yourself, please read the Guidelines to see if this is something you could do.

March 2016 NAPgA Newsletter

Some exciting updates in this newsletter!
  • InformaRendy_6:26.10tion on NAPgA’s recent court win with links to important articles
  • A word from the president about how your membership dues contribute toward keeping public land access open to packgoats
  • Information on the website update and restructuring of NAPgA’s membership classes
  • Article about getting positive PR with the USFS in the Brider-Teton NF near the Wind River Range with information about possible trail maintenance opportunities

Download the complete newsletter HERE

Articles about NAPgA’s Court Win

Casper Star Tribune – “Judge holds Forest Service in contempt over Wyoming goat and sheep ban”

An Idaho federal judge found the U.S. Forest Service in contempt of court Tuesday, concluding the Forest Service used a flawed study as the basis to ban domestic sheep and goats from some of its lands…. full article.

Jackson Hole News & Guide – “Goatpackers Score Win Over Shoshone”

High-ranking federal officials are being held in contempt of court for using invalidated reports to support a Shoshone National Forest prohibition against packgoats…. full article.

Capital Press – “Idaho Judge Holds Forest Service, Top Leaders in Contempt”

BOISE — An Idaho federal judge has held U.S. Forest Service Director Tom Tidwell, his agency and U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack in contempt of court for ignoring his 2009 order against heeding conclusions of a questionable report on disease transmission from domestic sheep to wild bighorn sheep…. full article.

NAPgA Wins Important Court Battle

Secretary of Agriculture and Chief of the Forest Service Held in Contempt of Court for Use of Illegal Reports on Disease Transmission from Livestock to Bighorn Sheep

Article by Andy Irvine

On February 23, 2016, Chief Judge B. Lynn WiRufus, my packgoat, after climbing 4000' and covering 9 miles of trail. Ben Lomond Peak is the location.nmill of the United States District Court for the District of Idaho held the Secretary of Agriculture and Chief of the United States Forest Service (“Forest Service”) in contempt of court for relying on two illegal reports on disease transmission from livestock to bighorn sheep. The reports were used in the Shoshone National Forest’s recent Land Management Plan (LMP) revision to ban domestic sheep and goats from the Shoshone. The Shoshone National Forest covers nearly 2.5 million acres in northwest Wyoming….

 Click here to read the complete article!


PACKGOAT RESEARCH Needs Your Participation

Finn_EarsTo all concerned citizens of the packgoat community: please read the following summary of an ADRU* research project to screen packgoats throughout the United States for pathogens and how you can participate. For packgoats it involves 3 serial nasal swabs and one blood test.

We strongly believe that without packgoat participation in this ADRU project we will continue to lose our access with packgoats on Public Lands.There is little hope without your participation.

Purpose: Collect nasal and eye swabs from packgoats across the United States to screen for presence of Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae and agents associated with “pink eye”.

Justification: Packgoat use on public lands defined as bighorn sheep habitat is being prohibited across the Western United States.  This prohibition is based on the potential that packgoats can carry a primary bacterial agent associated with bighorn sheep pneumonia, and pinkeye. In order to understand the prevalence and distribution of the bacteria of concern as well as to get a significant number of packgoats tested, NAPgA request packgoat owners from across the United States participate.  While this may not directly impact packgoat owners outside of bighorn sheep habitat, the implications of placing limitations on public land use without justification impacts us all by limiting the rights of individuals.  Beyond that, identifying carrier goats and distribution of the pathogens M. ovipneumoniae (Movi), and Chlamydia spp. (pink eye), may lead to future investigations into potential ways to clear reservoir goats of these pathogens.

There are two suggested protocols:
1.     The first is for packgoat owners that use or live in the Western US where bighorn sheep live. This involves 3 consecutive monthly nasal swabs, one blood test, and one eye swab2.     The second protocol is for packgoats outside of, or never brought into, states that are home to bighorn sheep. This involves a single point nasal swabs, eye swab, and blood test.

Please Note: All costs will be covered by ADRU to perform this prevalence/surveillance study, including veterinary charges (if applicable), supplies, shipping, and testing. All we need at this point are names, address, and number of goats. For questions see attached documents, contact Charlie Jennings, NAPgA President 435-764-1111, or . To request copies of sample research documents or to participate email Nancy Clough, NAPgA Member at  208-699-2702

What will the outcome be if this project goes forward?
The end goal will be to publish this M. ovipneumoniae prevalence data in a peer-reviewed journal (possible venues: JAVMA or Small Ruminant Research). This is a good way to not only compile our packgoat data, but to also make it accessible and referenceable for the US Forest Service Land Management Revision Teams who are making decisions to deny access to packgoats on public lands.
*Animal Disease Research Unit-ARS-USDA (Pullman, WA)

Important Links:
– Owner Information, Survey, and Goat ID form
– Sample Consent Form for Packgoat Participants
– Frequently Asked Questions
– PDF Download of Above Posted Overview

NAPgA Rendezvous 2016, June 23-26 near Ukiah, OR

The Rendy site for NAPgA Rendy 2016 is 6.8 miles south of Ukiah, OR, on NF-052/County Rd 1475.

The road is in good condition, and the area level. It is OK for cars or RVs.

This is a large flat open area with lots of pine trees and camping sites. Restrooms (porta-potties) will be provided. There is no running water. There two small ponds adjacent to this location.

Google Maps Coordinates: 45.079792N, 111.893402W
This area is located (as the crow flies) 6 miles southsouthwest of Ukiah, OR, at 4450′.

If you have questions please give Curtis a call.

Curtis King, 1-509-539-0982, (Primary Event Organizer)

Pictures of Rendy Location

Directions & Maps

Google Earth Hyperlink to Site: NAPgARendy2016


November 2015 NAPgA Newsletter

WaterCrossingClick HERE to download the November 2015 NAPgA Newsletter.

Articles include: 

  • Cascade Packgoat Club annual beach cleanup
  • Update on the Shoshone NF closure
  • New information on the bacteria that causes Bighorn Sheep pneumonia and how this relates to packgoats
  • The latest on the Blue Mountain Forest proposed closure
  • Cascade Packgoat Club Rendezvous
  • Recipe for chocolate chunk pumpkin seed cookies. Yum!

Blue Mountains Forest Plan Meeting Tues. 11/10

44Blue Mountains Forest Plan Revision to discuss whether or not to allow packgoats. Please attend if you can!

Tues., Nov. 10, 2015
11 a.m. – 3 p.m.
(doors open at 10:30)
Technical Pack Goat Meeting
Blue Mtns. National Forests
Pendleton Convention Center
1601 Westgate
Pendleton, Oregon 97801


Blue Mountains Forest Plan Revision Documents:

North American Packgoat Association